Bering Sea Expeditions

Tag along to see some of the logistics, some of the science, and assorted highlights of doing fieldwork in an environment that most people never get to see, the Bering Sea.

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Be A Salmon for a Minute

Struggle to get upstream to find a good place to spawn…

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Tracy & Felt

Tracy & Felt

Tracy & Felt: a new web series that uses fun and humor to explore “the magical and not-to-distant world of science and nature.”

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World Fish Migration Day 2016

Videos will be streamed all day during World Fish Migration Day on May 21, 2016 to call attention to the needs of migratory fish.

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CoCA Pop-Up (AR)t Exhbition

Blending current mobile technology with a traditional looking art book, this show illustrated turning two dimensions into three…a technique that I predict will play a significant role in helping direct the future of printed books.

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River Delta’s Rebirth: a SEA-Media review

Multimedia article in Kitsap Sun stands out as a landmark of the progress in media evolution as it calls attention to the Elwha River mouth ecosystem transformations.

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A Very Sticky Fish…

A movie about a fish that really sucks was a 1st Place winner in the 2016 Ocean 180 Video Challenge.

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The Salish Sea: Jewel of the Pacific Northwest

As beauty and appreciation of the Salish Sea flow off the pages into the minds of readers, a key objective of the authors is achieved: to connect people with their home

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Tide Craft

See this public art project called Tide Craft, using salvaged marine debris.

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Call for photos/videos

This will be the kind of field guide that paper can’t deliver, a guide that will show you behavior of creatures (video), interactions between creatures instead of a separate page for each one, and so you can keep looking at cool stuff while learning, it can read to you! And the content won’t be just science-y stuff, it’ll also include cultural interpretations: poetry, art, stories, etc.

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Our Blogs

Wrapping Up 2017

In last December’s blog, I talked briefly about expanding SEA-Media’s horizons to include significant ecosystem connections with our waters — even when it meant paying attention to the (shudder) terrestrial parts of our environment 🙂

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Expanding Horizons and Interactive Book

You can probably tell by glancing down the list of my past blogs that I’m not a very prolific blogger. But we at SEA-Media have some news that I want to share. This news also appeared in our recent newsletters. If you’re not on our newsletter list, let us know using the “Contact Us” menu.  […]

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Confluence: Art & Science

David Eisenhower will be participating in a compelling conversation with Dr. Nina Bednarsek Sunday Sept. 13, 2015 at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art from 3 to 5 PM, where coincidentally he has a breathtaking exhibition of his marine sculptures.

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RSS Watching Our Water Ways

  • Sen. Kevin Ranker breathes new life into Orca Protection Act February 24, 2018
    The proposed Orca Protection Act, which was declared dead last week in the Washington State Senate, has sprung back to life with the addition of a budget provision that offers a new chance of passage. The newly resuscitated bill, approved by the Senate Ways and Means Committee, is nearly identical to the original bill, which […]

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  • March 2018 – Oil Spill Preparedness Month – Events in Clallam County February 22, 2018
    Clallam Marine Resources Committee and its partners invite you to participate in the “March 2018 – Oil Spill Preparedness Month” by offering the following three events: March 14th Webinar “Staying Prepared in an Evolving World of Oil Movement” at 12 – 1 pm More than 20 billion gallons of oil moves through Washington each year, […]

RSS Science Diving from EPA Region 10 (Pacific Northwest)

  • Vibrant Ports, Healthy Ports December 21, 2017
     by Cosmo Servidio I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the Mid-Atlantic Vibrant Ports – Healthy Ports workshop in Philadelphia. For me, having once worked for the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, this event gave me … Continue reading →

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  • Come Dream with Us! February 23, 2018
    ... Click the link above for more details on the story. See how we inspire conservation of the Salish Sea!

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