Our Watershed — Two Self-directed Water Discussion Courses

water discussion course title pageWith miles of coastline, countless rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands, water is the link that connects our communities.

By becoming informed and engaged water citizens, we can intelligently discuss difficult issues and work together for the best possible water solutions.

There are two free courses available:

  • Our Watershed: Pacific Northwest, focuses on the waters of Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and PNW Tribal Nations
  • Our Watershed: Puget Sound, focuses on the waters of the Salish Sea in Washington State

Each course is comprised of 7 weekly discussion sessions held in a small group setting. Course materials are short articles that encourage group members to apply personal experience and share learning. I attended the weekly sessions of one of these courses, and that sharing of personal experiences related to the topics with people in my community was really made this course so much richer than just reading a collection of articles.

These courses were created by WSU Jefferson County Extension. Co-sponsors include the Puget Sound Partnership and the Pacific Northwest Regional Water Program.

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