Dog Doogity rapYou think that's barking you hear at night?  Here's what I hear:

Long gone are the days when I could roam the plains and forests. Long gone even are the days I had run of the farm. Now I and millions more like me are crowded into urban and suburban settings, with hardly anywhere to go — literally. No doggie toilets, no doggie sewage treatment plants.  Either my owner picks up after me, or it washes downhill.  And you know what's downhill from everyone around here?  Puget Sound.  Our big toilet.

The Puget Sound Starts Here campaign has recently released a music video that tries to rap home the point that dog poop doesn't magically disappear.  As someone who spends considerable time in Puget Sound (in the water!) I appreciate everyone who cleans up dog poop.  I really do.  I wish more people did.



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