Is This Where Puget Sound Starts?

BeaverThree short (4 minute) videos take the viewer on a tour of streams in Kitsap County...streams that are mainly invisible: underground or hidden by trees. Even more importantly, we see interactions between the streams, the ecosystem, and the communities they flow through.

Featured in these three movies are the South Fork of Dogfish Creek, Poulsbo Creek, Chico Creek and the headwaters atop Newberry Hill, and Olalla Creek.

Organizations that helped worked with us to film human interactions with the creeks included Martha and Mary Child Care Center, Klahowya Secondary School, Olalla Elementary, and Kitsap Parks Recreation, and Kitsap Conservation District.


North Kitsap: South Fork of Dogfish Creek and Poulsbo Creek in Poulsbo


Central Kitsap: Chico Creek and it's headwaters atop Newberry Hill


Olalla Creek in South Kitsap:


These videos were produced by John F. Williams, Still Hope Productions, with funding from the Puget Sound Partnership and Puget Sound Starts Here.

Additional thanks to:

  • Members of the KEEP/ECO NetworkStill Hope Productions logo
  • Ron Hirschi
  • Lisa Wickens
  • Greg Guariz
  • Frank Stricklin
  • Abbey Hicks
  • Elsa Waeschle
  • Marueen McNulty
  • Teresa Brooks
  • Tom Coleman
  • Kurt Waeschle
  • Emily Ryan
  • Ric Catron
  • Brandon Duff
  • Ciera EiselePSSH_RGBmedium
  • Kylie Woodrum
  • Colton Kendall
  • Brandon Wickens
  • Samantha Burkhardt
  • Nancy Sefton
  • Olivia Eubanks
  • Jennifer Edwards
  • Spring Courtright
  • DouGlas Palenshus
  • Martha & Mary Child Care Center
  • Liberty Bay Books
  • Tom Gilbert
  • Tammy Yee

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