Bull What?

Once Puget Sound had many large, dense patches of bull kelp, and the delicious native Olympia oysters were plentiful ... but no longer.

Join an experimental restoration project attempting to restore bull kelp outside Port Gamble bay. Tag along also as Olympia oysters are grown and planted inside the bay.

In under ten minutes, you’ll be taken underwater to see young bull kelp growing, to the beach to see the oysters’ home, and into the laboratory to see how different these creatures are in their early stages of life. Will these restoration projects be successful? Regardless, there’s time to celebrate with some oyster shucking.

These two films were produced by John Williams and Still Hope Productions for the Puget Sound Restoration Fund. They were screened at the Historic Lynwood Theatre in the Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival, October 2012.

These films are available for viewing at the Puget Sound Restoration Fund web site.

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