Beach Walk — A Naturalist’s View

red octopusAlthough this video is intended as a quick refresher for people conducting beach walks, it's actually a great overview for anyone headed for the beaches around Puget Sound. Video and photographs illustrate the kinds of creatures that curious eyes can find on the beach. These include everything from kelp to octopus, from tiny eggs to giant bull kelp, from dollars to jellies. Jeff Adams, who's a Marine Water Quality Specialist and aquatic bug expert in Kitsap County, tells about these different creatures...what they eat, where they are found, why they're shaped the way they are.

This video was produced and donated to Kitsap Beach Naturalist program by Nancy Sefton of Unicorn Studios in Poulsbo in 2011.

Run time: 34 minutes

Available: on YouTube at:

Narration: Jeff Adams

Video editing: Nancy Sefton

Music: Neil Moore, Alexis Flint

Videography: Nancy Sefton

Photography: Nancy Sefton, Jeff Adams

Additional Visuals: John Williams, Valerie Lyttle


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