About SEA-Media

How often do you see well reasoned, factual stories about our Northwest waters in the media?


SEA-Media brings you media about our Pacific Northwest waters: links to books, movies, art, music, blogs, and more.  We specialize in highlighting independent media, but we  include as much media as we can from all sources.  We hope exploring this web site will help you better know our marine environment which is the overwhelming majority of our biosphere.


SEA-Media is a nonprofit, membership organization dedicated to increasing the profile of our marine environment in the media. This includes creating independent media productions about our watery world and using new media paradigms to gain much larger audiences for the really great relevant media already being produced by other organizations.


Our Mission


SEA-Media’s mission is to introduce the public to the Northeast Pacific Marine ecosystems, using all forms of media, for the purpose of strengthening the bond between people and the single largest influence on their environment: the ocean.


Our Vision


SEA-Media envisions a world where its citizens respect, understand, and protect the underwater worlds that border all lands, seeing the long term well-being of our marine ecosystem as an essential component of our own well-being.


Our Values


The ocean is the largest single part of our ecosystem, and hence our health is inexorably tied to its health. Our ability to care for it depends on our ability to understand it and to be cautious in creating environmental changes that we don't understand. Public support is necessary for effective policy and behavioral changes. Independent, diverse, and responsible media is needed in order to gain meaningful public support. Pacific Northwest waters are vastly underrepresented in the media.




If you’d like to become a member, which will allow you to help this site grow by contributing content, please visit our Participate page!

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Weigh Anchor: A Hybrid Between a Movie and a Book

Did you ever wish for an on-line story that has the visual benefits of a documentary, but with the ability to self-pace the experience like with a book?

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Dave Barry Sums It Up

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying looking at the surface of the ocean itself, except…

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Humorous looks at some of our roles in nature

Underdone Comics (Seattle) — comics about nature posted most weekdays

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Polluted Puddles: Arlo’s quest to clean up our mess

What’s not to like about a young boy examining puddles and channeling his inner-scientist?

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Expanding Horizons

We’re ending 2016 by including a new emphasis in the SEA-Media family: interconnectedness. This article exemplifies this theme with 3 very different, but related movies.

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