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Blogs by SEA-Media and other organizations knowledgeable about our Northwest waters.




Whenever you see some media that you think should be on this site, let us know.

Hackenberg 200

See this public art project called Tide Craft, using salvaged marine debris.

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Dungeness crab and tin

This will be the kind of field guide that paper can’t deliver, a guide that will show you behavior of creatures (video), interactions between creatures instead of a separate page for each one, and so you can keep looking at cool stuff while learning, it can read to you! And the content won’t be just science-y stuff, it’ll also include cultural interpretations: poetry, art, stories, etc.

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Horton.Todd_. Cargo 200

Gallery show of a group of talented artists whose work honors the natural world and responds to environmental predicaments

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limpet teeth_0 small

Limpet teeth!

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I’ll just let this painting speak for itself. It’s at the North Kitsap Heritage Park

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Imagine exploring the open ocean, diving hundreds of feet deep, and observing the unperturbed ocean and the myriad animals that inhabit this last frontier on earth—all from the comfort of your own home.

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When photographers point their cameras underwater, not only can we see fish that we don’t normally see alive and in their normal habitat, but we can see creatures of all shapes and sizes, many that look like they originated from a science fiction novel.

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Three short (4 minute) videos take the viewer on a tour of streams in Kitsap County…streams that are mainly invisible: underground or hidden by trees. Even more importantly, we see interactions between the streams, the ecosystem, and the communities they flow through.

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They were cavemen, what are we?

What will people call us tens of thousands of years from now? We’ll be known as the people who haven’t yet learned to

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Photo Contest | Request for Images

Three requests for Pacific Northwest (and Hawaii) ocean photos: one for a juried exhibit at Gallery North in Edmonds, the second for images to use in a book and related magazine articles, the third a contest for photos on, in, or near any of Canada’s three oceans.

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Explore our new Web Site

What’s better about this new web site? By and large, the new site is functionally very similar to the old one. The design looks cleaner, the images stand out better, and …

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RSS Watching Our Water Ways

  • NASA researchers measure sea levels, predict faster rise August 27, 2015
    A new worldwide map of sea level rise, plotted with precision satellite instruments, shows that the Earth’s oceans are rising faster with no end in sight. Sea levels have gone up an average of 3 inches since 1992, with some locations rising as much as 9 inches. Meanwhile, some limited areas — including the West … Continue reading NASA researchers measure sea

RSS Olympic Peninsula Environmental News

  • Wild Fish Conservancy intends to sue EPA, NMFS over farmed salmon in Puget Sound August 27, 2015
    Very glad to see the Wild Fish Conservency take this preliminary action to begin the notification of their intent to sue Federal government agencies over their evauations of the endangered species act. If you want to see farmed salmon banned in Puget Sound, you might want to donate to the Conservancy to help their lawsuit. […]

RSS Science Diving from EPA Region 10 (Pacific Northwest)

  • EPA’s Clean Power Plan Protects Low-Income and Minority Communities August 27, 2015
    When President Obama announced the final Clean Power Plan earlier this month, he predicted that some cynical critics would claim the plan harms minority and low-income communities. Then he chuckled and shook his head, because the truth is, failing to act on climate is what stands to hurt vulnerable Americans the most. Just as the(...)

RSS Port Townsend Marine Science Center

  • Set Sail on the Adventuress September 5! August 19, 2015
    Join the Port Townsend Marine Science Center on a September 5 sail aboard the Adventuress with naturalist Roger Risley!September 5 | 12 - 6 pm Reserve your spot at cruises@ptmsc.org.The PTMSC offers one 6-hour sailing adventure each year to the Protection Island National Wildlife Refuge aboard the 101' historic schooner, Adventuress.On this cruise, you

RSS Salish Sea News & Weather

  • 8/27 Robots, rain, BC fracking quakes, 'blob,' sewage spill, hatchery losses August 27, 2015
    Pink octopus (Ocean Networks Canada) If you like to watch: Deep sea robots livestream ocean floor landscapes, creatures Join two robots exploring the deeps off the British Columbia coast — without getting wet. You can watch them online during a three-week mission by the University of Victoria's Ocean Networks Canada in the Salish Sea and Pacific Ocean t