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“Ebb and Flow” is a story about the Yamashitas, a three-generation family, known and loved as pioneers in the Washington’s shellfish industry.

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Seven years ago, SEA-Media launched our first big project. Soon, SEA-Media will begin publishing media, not just reviewing it.

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Through a program offered by Salish Sea Expeditions, these students conduct real scientific research, engage in STEM exploration and maritime skills training, and…

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Here’s a glimpse of some of our underwater neighbors celebrating the holiday.

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WSU Kitsap Extension Beach Naturalist and Stream Stewards YouTube channel.

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Did you ever wish for an on-line story that has the visual benefits of a documentary, but with the ability to self-pace the experience like with a book?

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There’s nothing wrong with enjoying looking at the surface of the ocean itself, except…

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Underdone Comics (Seattle) — comics about nature posted most weekdays

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Wrapping Up 2017

In last December’s blog, I talked briefly about expanding SEA-Media’s horizons to include significant ecosystem connections with our waters — even when it meant paying attention to the (shudder) terrestrial parts of our environment 🙂

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Expanding Horizons and Interactive Book

You can probably tell by glancing down the list of my past blogs that I’m not a very prolific blogger. But we at SEA-Media have some news that I want to share. This news also appeared in our recent newsletters. If you’re not on our newsletter list, let us know using the “Contact Us” menu.  […]

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Confluence: Art & Science

David Eisenhower will be participating in a compelling conversation with Dr. Nina Bednarsek Sunday Sept. 13, 2015 at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art from 3 to 5 PM, where coincidentally he has a breathtaking exhibition of his marine sculptures.

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RSS Watching Our Water Ways

  • Amusing Monday: Bainbridge baker designs cakes with imagination January 15, 2018
    Baker Christine Chapman of Bainbridge Island creates fanciful as well as fancy cakes in her home kitchen, the headquarters for a one-person business known as Crumbs Cakery. A few photos of her sculptured cakes designed on water themes are shown on this page. A native of Austria, Christine was trained as a construction engineer and […]

RSS Olympic Peninsula Environmental News

  • Health, environmental threats focus of legislative efforts for state senator – PDN January 16, 2018
    Good short article on some of the legislative bills our Peninsula legislators are working on. We support them all. Van De Wege, D-Sequim — who represents the 24th District with Rep. Steve Tharinger, D-Sequim, and Rep. Mike Chapman, D-Port Angeles — will be in the thick of discussions to resolve all these issues. The 24th […]

RSS Science Diving from EPA Region 10 (Pacific Northwest)

  • Vibrant Ports, Healthy Ports December 21, 2017
     by Cosmo Servidio I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the Mid-Atlantic Vibrant Ports – Healthy Ports workshop in Philadelphia. For me, having once worked for the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, this event gave me … Continue reading →

RSS Port Townsend Marine Science Center

  • Getting my Ducks in a Row January 11, 2018
    ... Click the link above for more details on the story. See how we inspire conservation of the Salish Sea!

RSS Salish Sea News & Weather

  • 1/16 WA climate action, nitrogen trifluoride, Zinke's Interior, Sanchi sinking January 16, 2018
    Song sparrow (Eugene Beckes/BirdNote)Sparrows Kick, Robins Pick If you watch backyard birds, you will likely see some characteristic behaviors. One example is "foraging" styles — the behaviors that a bird uses to find food. Some birds, such as sparrows, are famous for their "double-scratch" behavior. The bird jumps forward and back, quite quickly...twice. In each […]