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Underdone Comics (Seattle) — comics about nature posted most weekdays

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What’s not to like about a young boy examining puddles and channeling his inner-scientist?

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We’re ending 2016 by including a new emphasis in the SEA-Media family: interconnectedness. This article exemplifies this theme with 3 very different, but related movies.

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Tag along to see some of the logistics, some of the science, and assorted highlights of doing fieldwork in an environment that most people never get to see, the Bering Sea.

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Struggle to get upstream to find a good place to spawn…

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Tracy & Felt

Tracy & Felt: a new web series that uses fun and humor to explore “the magical and not-to-distant world of science and nature.”

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Videos will be streamed all day during World Fish Migration Day on May 21, 2016 to call attention to the needs of migratory fish.

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Blending current mobile technology with a traditional looking art book, this show illustrated turning two dimensions into three…a technique that I predict will play a significant role in helping direct the future of printed books.

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Expanding Horizons and Interactive Book

You can probably tell by glancing down the list of my past blogs that I’m not a very prolific blogger. But we at SEA-Media have some news that I want to share. This news also appeared in our recent newsletters. If you’re not on our newsletter list, let us know using the “Contact Us” menu.  […]

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Confluence: Art & Science

David Eisenhower will be participating in a compelling conversation with Dr. Nina Bednarsek Sunday Sept. 13, 2015 at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art from 3 to 5 PM, where coincidentally he has a breathtaking exhibition of his marine sculptures.

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They were cavemen, what are we?

What will people call us tens of thousands of years from now? We’ll be known as the people who haven’t yet learned to

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RSS Watching Our Water Ways

  • Are we at a crossroads in the green crab invasion on Dungeness Spit? June 24, 2017
    State biologists are holding out hope that the European green crab invasion at Dungeness Spit can be contained. We may now be going through a critical period, which could result in a permanent infestation or possibly the final throes of the invasion. Green crabs, an invasive species known to displace native species and cause economic […]

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  • Comment on Comments June 18, 2017
    Every so often I get a bunch of comments flood in on an article that are obviously from people not supportive of environmental protection.  Sometimes these comments are really over the top. All comments have to be cleared before they are put on the site. This is to keep this civil. Just to clarify my […]

RSS Science Diving from EPA Region 10 (Pacific Northwest)

  • A Record Investment May 25, 2017
    by Tom Damm  3…2…1…  On cue, EPA, state and local officials dug their shovels into the softened dirt to formally kick off major upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant in Reading, Pennsylvania. There was reason to be all smiles as … Continue reading →

RSS Port Townsend Marine Science Center

  • Big Announcement! The Anne Murphy Ocean Stewards Scholarship Winner Is... June 1, 2017
    The Port Townsend Marine Science Center is pleased to present the Anne Murphy Ocean Stewards Scholarship to Tyler Sudlow.   Tyler did his senior project at the Marine Science Center, volunteering as a docent for a total of over 30 hours. He said in his application regarding environmental conservation, "There is a lot to be done […]

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