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A movie about a fish that really sucks was a 1st Place winner in the 2016 Ocean 180 Video Challenge.

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As beauty and appreciation of the Salish Sea flow off the pages into the minds of readers, a key objective of the authors is achieved: to connect people with their home

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Hackenberg 200

See this public art project called Tide Craft, using salvaged marine debris.

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Dungeness crab and tin

This will be the kind of field guide that paper can’t deliver, a guide that will show you behavior of creatures (video), interactions between creatures instead of a separate page for each one, and so you can keep looking at cool stuff while learning, it can read to you! And the content won’t be just science-y stuff, it’ll also include cultural interpretations: poetry, art, stories, etc.

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Horton.Todd_. Cargo 200

Gallery show of a group of talented artists whose work honors the natural world and responds to environmental predicaments

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limpet teeth_0 small

Limpet teeth!

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I’ll just let this painting speak for itself. It’s at the North Kitsap Heritage Park

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Imagine exploring the open ocean, diving hundreds of feet deep, and observing the unperturbed ocean and the myriad animals that inhabit this last frontier on earth—all from the comfort of your own home.

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Our Blogs

Confluence: Art & Science

David Eisenhower will be participating in a compelling conversation with Dr. Nina Bednarsek Sunday Sept. 13, 2015 at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art from 3 to 5 PM, where coincidentally he has a breathtaking exhibition of his marine sculptures.

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They were cavemen, what are we?

What will people call us tens of thousands of years from now? We’ll be known as the people who haven’t yet learned to

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Photo Contest | Request for Images

Three requests for Pacific Northwest (and Hawaii) ocean photos: one for a juried exhibit at Gallery North in Edmonds, the second for images to use in a book and related magazine articles, the third a contest for photos on, in, or near any of Canada’s three oceans.

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RSS Watching Our Water Ways

  • Skokomish restoration makes progress in federal funding arena April 29, 2016
    After decades of in-depth studies and anxious waiting, restoration of the Skokomish River ecosystem took a major step forward today, when a committee of the U.S. Senate endorsed the $20-million effort as part of a larger legislative package. The Skokomish restoration was one of many projects that sailed through the Senate Environment and Public Works […]

RSS Olympic Peninsula Environmental News

  • The Life & Times of Wolf Bauer – Podcast April 25, 2016
    There is nothing more important for Earth Day, than to re-evaluate your commitment to helping be a force for change. One person can have an enormous amount of influence on the future. Here’s the story of a man who never stopped recommitting. A true hero for the environment, as well as many other arenas of […]

RSS Science Diving from EPA Region 10 (Pacific Northwest)

  • This Week in EPA Science April 29, 2016
    By Kacey Fitzpatrick Today is Arbor Day—a day to plant, care for, and celebrate trees! Don’t have a shovel handy? Well you can still read about the latest in EPA science to get your environmental fix. Visualize Your Water Challenge The winners of the Visualize Your Water challenge were announced last week! High school students(...)

RSS Port Townsend Marine Science Center

  • What Kind of Change Maker are You? April 30, 2016
    There are countless ways for each of us to Go Blue! by sharing our individual environmentally friendly "green" practices with our friends and communities. One quick and easy way you can Go Blue! right now is to spread the word about GiveBIG on Tuesday, May 3 and help us reach our $15,000 fundraising goal. Your gift […]

RSS Salish Sea News & Weather

  • 4/29 Early bugs, BC CG, plastic bags, natural gas, bad clams, Bill McKibben April 29, 2016
    Black carpenter antAnts, other insects emerging in large numbers this year It's not something you want to hear inside your walls on a quiet night: a slight crackle, almost like milk being poured over a bowl of Rice Krispies. That's the sound an infestation of carpenter ants will make… A mild winter coupled with a […]